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The Long Walk To Freedom letra

I can tell the story of a fight
Against the racism of mankind
Against the apartheid

He believed in sameness, in the men
To win the fear, no violence
But you can't stop the fire with hands

Twenty seven years of pain and tears
To see his people live in peace
The dream of anc

Time to stop the power of white man
To live in freedom our land
Can you feel the wind my friend?

And maybe you can see the shadow's falling
On his bleeding eyes
Believe in God he'll ever die

We've crossed the sea of ignorance and nonsence
Silent words
Indifference, no open doors

Centuries of crime erode the minds
I'll show the way to control your life

Walk by my side, you are no less than white
The colour of skin is only a lie

Open your eyes
Don't beleive the lies close-inside in your heart
Open your eyes
Don't have fear of tomorrow refuse sorrow
Don't cry, my son

Rise up your gun, honour the sword
This is time of your battle
Innocence die under their shots
The peace is only an illusion

Power justice under my flag
These stupid beasts I'll destroy with my hands
Oxen garbage is time to die
You'll got to strike but your mother will cry

Follow the line entrust in mk
The peace is only a fiction
Under the map of africa free
We'll win in name of the anc

Looser coward you'll not have the throne
The city of shaperville will be your tomb
Nigger pittance I'll shot your back
You'll bend the knee to your master the white man

Falling down I am falling down in the unknown
We'll fight a civil wae
I am falling now
All the hopes are crashing down
Live alone
I am searching for the truth
Can God forgives my soul
Live the undrground
Why the world don't help my folk in this war

They've closed my life inside the jail
But in my mind the fear is dying
The rage of time has closed my heart to you

Remember when I saw her face
The tears inside the eyes..I'll never see her smile
I've said goodbye to my own life my love

We'll refuse your compromise
Behind the cage I'll keep on fight for men
I can feel the future in my hands
To destroy the differences unsaid

Looking for the pride
Behind - this four walls - they die for me

They call my name
For a change
I'll show the way

Open the gates
Look in my eyes
Now we can listen compromise
The world is ready for the sameness

Now I'm free
But don't believe
I'm fighting for the victory
Of our people until I'll live

Now I'm closing my eyes
For a moment I look to the stars
The history has changed
Please God give me the force to unchain

Time form me in to your heart
I am only the reason of love
Ancient wisdom we'll pay
We'll close the rage
The moment of the answers will come

Neverdream - Letras

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